An Unspoken Conversation

An Unspoken Conversation- Degree show, 2016

Pen on satin white paint on plywood.

Olivia Aggett’s An Unspoken Conversation is a collection of drawings in her graphic linear style. Each drawing is representative of a conversation that she could not have due to her social anxiety. Olivia has used the formation of the walls as a way in which to express what it is like to step into her mind – a cluttered and interesting place. This is the way in which Olivia is most comfortable expressing herself, allowing her thoughts, memories, and feelings to be seen and explored by others.

An Unspoken Conversation stays true to Olivia’s style of drawing – she almost always uses pen (with no rough pencil drawing as a guide), she draws without the safety of being able to amend mistakes. Often when she makes mistakes she has to start the whole piece over again, this means that she has had to learn to not be overly precious of her work and to be completely focused when working; she is most focused when she is isolated as it removes the awkwardness of struggling through small talk in her studio, the walls have made a perfect physical embodiment of this isolation. One of the reasons behind this piece is for Olivia to test how she can deal with mistakes in a situation where she cannot just start over; each mistake adds a layer to the wall. The way in which Olivia deals with mistakes is reflective of the mind: when you make a mistake, embarrass yourself or do something in life you regret, you have to deal with it, sometimes by burying it under layers of other memories, sometimes by moving on.



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