Uncanny World of Interiors- Walls

To continue my artist practice I took up a live-in artists residency at Six Caroline Place. I spent the majority of my summer working at The Eden Project and saw thousands of people visiting every day. My wall at Caroline Place aimed to bring the strangers into the space in which I had been living – making the otherwise fleeting moment of their passing me into a much more elongated amount of time for me to contemplate them. I have now spent more time studying these strangers than I have spent studying my own friends.






I drew some parts straight onto the wall and some on the the wallpaper. The wall paper suited the theme of people from the Eden Project well as it was a leafy pattern. The people were drawn so they looked like they were hiding in the plants and took some people a while to see them properly as they were just line drawings and weren’t blocked or coloured in at all.


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